Hollie Gannett


Director / Piano Teacher

Hollie Gannett has been playing piano since she was 11 years old and has been teaching since 2004.  Today Hollie and her husband, James Gannett, are the proud owners of Progressive Music Studio since 2010.  Located in Cayuga Ontario, they continue to pass on their love for music, offering instruction in various instruments.  Hollie has also volunteered for the Caledonia and District Music Teachers’ Association where she worked as the festival coordinator.  During her summers, Hollie also works with the Kincardine Summer Music Festival.  Throughout the years, Hollie has had experience working with students of all ages, in various venues such as; Performance School of Music where she taught piano in 2004-2012 and in Cayuga where she taught privately.  In 2007, Hollie worked for Theatre Ancaster where she became Head Instructor for the Jitterbugs Theatre Camp, and returned in 2010 and 2011 as Music Instructor. 

Hollie has earned her Grade 9 piano certificate through the RCM and is currently studying her grade 10.  At the age of 11, Hollie started to take formal lessons with Gayle Hare where she then studied through the Royal Conservatory. During this time, she won several awards while participating competitively in the Caledonia and Milton Music Festivals.

In 2003, Hollie continued her musical study for classical piano at Mohawk College, receiving her diploma in Applied Music and a certificate in Preparatory Music.  During this time, Hollie studied performance with Judy Hunter, theory/harmony and musical history.  Hollie also worked as a teacher’s assistant for the Basic Keyboarding class at Mohawk, and won the June Caskey Teaching Methods Award.

After graduating from Mohawk College in 2007, Hollie attended McMaster University where she continued her study in musical performance and music history.  In 2010, she received her Honours Bachelor of Music degree from McMaster University.

James Gannett 

Co-director /Guitar / Bass Teacher

James has been a music educator since 1993, both privately and as an annual faculty member at the Kincardine Music Festival.

James began playing guitar at the age of 7, before taking up the electric bass at the age of 10, and the upright bass at the age of 12.

In addition to studying privately with some of Canada’s best music educators, James has completed his Grade 7 Royal Conservatory for Double Bass, and graduated on the Dean’s Honour List from Mohawk College, where he received a diploma in the Applied Music program.Since his first concert at the age of 12, James has performed concerts across North and South America.  He has played in rock bands, classical orchestras, chamber music groups, folk and Celtic bands, musical theatre, jazz big bands, and smaller jazz ensembles.

Chelsea Behm

Voice/Beginner Piano Teacher

Chelsea Behm teaches voice for both beginner and advanced levels, as well as beginner level to Grade 4 piano. Chelsea first became inspired to sing at the age of 12 and has studied with various instructors such as Bob Hamper and Falconer Abraham. 

In 2011, Chelsea graduated with honours, from Mohawk College, where she received her Diploma in Applied Music.  During this time Chelsea studied jazz voice, jazz harmony, ear training, performed in jazz ensembles  and sang alto in the Mohawk College Jazz Choir.  Chelsea is also singer-songwriter who goes under the stage name Chelsea Blue.  She has recorded two albums: A self-titled demo in 2005 and "Yesterday's Innocence" in 2009. 

Blend Lara

Violin, Viola, Cello

Blend Lara is a professional violinist with a very long career dedicated to teaching and performing on the violin. Blend began his violin studies at the age of 6 when he enrolled in the Elementary- Professional Program at Artistic Lycée in Tirana, Albania. After successfully completing his grade 12 at the Lycée and passing a rigorous exam he began his bachelor studies in violin, specializing in classical music at the Albanian University of Arts in Tirana, Albania.

In 1990, after completing his studies, Blend joined the Radio Television Orchestra in Albania. While he was a member of the orchestra, Blend continued to teach strings students at the Albanian University of Arts.

Blend spent 13 years as first violin at the Albanian State Orchestra, and continued the second part of his career teaching violin, cello and viola to students in the Hamilton area. He is a member of ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association) and brings a very high standard of learning for students of all ages and levels

Catherine Stonehouse

Beginner Piano Teacher

Catherine Stonehouse began taking lessons at the age of 7,  her interest spurred by the discovery her father’s anthology of Beatles sheet music and began to learn the basics of pop.  Catherine earned her Level  8 RCM certificate and is now furthering her education in music at Mohawk College while teaching beginner levels of piano.